To the US again

AGT Ride to main terminal
Time to go to the US again…this time to Orlando, Florida. Had a wonderful flight from Stockholm to Chicago this morning. The plane was not even half-full so after a while I was rather tired and needed some sleep. Found an empty row in the back of the plane and went to sleep for a few hours. Arrived in Chicago in a good mood. Never been to O´Hare before so that was interesting. Immigration went just fine but I guess it helps to have a government visa 🙂 However, this was the first time I entered the US with my new legal name in my passport and VISA. As far as I can tell I did not get any special attention from the immigration officer.

My and my collegue was kind of hungry so we found a place to eat in the terminal and the waitress asked us “Inside or outside?”. We choose outisde and ended up in the main hallway of terminal! Started our stay in the US with a cheeseburger in a basked…Next we had a few hours of flight down to Orlando and arrived on time. After that came the first attraction of Orlando – the pilotless train that takes you from the aircraft concourse to the main terminal. Since I do like themeparks it always makes me smile to ride the train and see Florida-sun baking on the tarmac.

Back in Sweden again

Well, on Saturday I returned home to Sweden again, after almost a month in the US. I should have been updating the blog more but I got a few days of stomach unrest so the margins kind of vanished. I will try to backlog a few moments and picture later. It is good to be back again even though I already miss the warm weather we had during the last weekend. The trip home was tough as always, for some strange reason going back to Sweden is always more tiresome than going to the US. We also missed our connecting flight to Stockholm so I got back home a few hours later than planned as well.

On the flight home I also tried surfing onboard the Aircraft using Connexion by Boeing. It took a while before it started but when it did I got a few hundred kilobits of transfer speed while being 11 000 m (30000 ft) above Greenland 🙂 Should have remembered to update my blog there but my battery run out of power after a while.

Chocolate Chocolate Tower

Chocolate Chocolate Tower
Hmmm…everything in this country is big…

This evening we went to a restaurant called Outback (Australian-themed of course) on the Norfolk side of the water. First we tried their wide assortment of (big) steaks which was ok…I guess I am not into that immense amount of meat in one piece. After that some of use felt a craving for something sweet so we called for the waiter. Two of us have settled for a dessert called “Chocolate Chocolate Tower” and we had joked about how big it could be. Anyway, one of them ordered one of these and the waiter said “ok, thanks” and started walking away…the other one at hour table started smiling and said (a little bit hesitantly) “oh…I want one too”…the waiter looked a bit surprised, turned back and said “ok” and made a note in his notepad. By then, we should have realised that one was probably more than enough for all four of us 😉 It when it arrived it was BIG…I think we left half of each dessert even though we actually tried eating a lot…well not me…but two of the others 🙂


Since I have a lot do at work I had planned to put some hours in during the weekend but I need to do some errands downtown. I managed to find some nice DVI-HMDI-cable for my home cinema. Hopefully that will make the image even better when I can use the true resolution of my projector. Walking down Kungsgatan I suddenly remembered that one of my friend had told me to drop by the sale at the Karen Millen store. By the way, later I realized that just a few hundred meters from where I was walking there were quite some unrest in the wake of nazis demonstrating at Odenplan. Thank god I missed them – they could have been very rough on people like me.

Anyway…I went to Karen Millen entered the lovely store. I had walked past it several times before just looking in the store´s window and thinking the clothes there were off my league. There were quite a lot of people at the store but the staff were very helpful and soon I found some nice brown and black suits. I have decided to use civilian clothes for my business trip to the US in a few weeks so I definately need some more business-kind clothes. It felt so nice to wear high-quality designer´s clothes and the sale were 50-60 % off the regular price so I decided to buy them both!

Back home I tried the new cable and wow! What a difference! I downloaded a few trailers from Apple´s website and that were just mindblowing. HD will become a revolution just as big as shifting from VHS to DVD-quality.

IKEA and Jack Bauer

An interesting combination, right? Well, on Saturday a few of my friends called me on their way back from a trip to a factory outlet for iittala which sells designer´s kitchen ware and pottery. They wanted to know if I wanted to go with them to IKEA and of course I said yes. IKEA is really big here in Sweden and the warehouse in southern Stockholm is quite unique with its circular five-story design. I like being there having all the inspiration of how my home could look like and still being able to afford. However, after eating the mandatory lunch of Swedish Meatballs and lingonberry jam I ended up buying a new set of cupboard for the bathroom. Later in the evening I put it together and it was so nice to store all my things in a neat way. You know a girl and all her stuff in the bathroom 🙂

On Sunday I had my friend over and we watched a few episodes of the 24 with Jack Bauer once again combatting terrorist from CTU Los Angeles. It is something special about that show – I am always shivering with excitement after each episode.

And today Steve Jobs became the biggest share holder in Disney when Pixar was bought by Disney for over 7 Billion USD.

Home make-over…

I was so excited about my new stuff that I called one of my best friend Annica and her girlfriend and invited them over. I tried to fix my apartment up (it was kind of messy 🙂 but when they showed up I still had a lot to do. However, they were kind enough to help me clean it up and put everyting on the right places. After we had worked for an hour or three I almost felt like being part of one of these home make-over shows. Then we had some Japansese food and enjoyed the very large screen…

Home Cinema!

This is soo cool! Yesterday I picked up my homecinema LCD Projektor and a matching screen for that and spent the night rearranging my small apartment. Finally I got the furniture at the right places and started to set up everything. When I turned everything on….well I just sat there smiling in my sofa. It was so incredibly nice to have that nice big screen with powerful sound in my own livingroom! I was so excited I just had to watch an episode of one of my favorite TV-shows.