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Steve & Paul

Yesterday it was time for Stevenote again (Steve Jobs + Keynote = Stevenote). Apple´s famous CEO Steve Jobs entered the scene on Tuesday morning at the Moscone Center in San Francisco for the traditional opening keynote of MacWorld SF. The rumormill had been spinning for weeks about this and the most sites expected the first Intel-based Macs to be launch ahead of scheduled. They were right.

iMacs and the new laptop called MacBook Pro was introduced, sporting brand new Intel Duo Core processors making the laptop at least four times faster than the PowerBook G4 I am writing this on. I want one of these…imagine doing video compression with them!

Other new included an FM-tuner for iPod, new versions of iLife and iWork. Oh…watching the video-on-demand stream in H.264 with my 92 inch screen was really nice 🙂


Well, here it is. I have a new favourite TV show. I just love Geena Davis as President Macenzie Allen in the new presidential TV show Commander-in-Chief.
It premiered here in Sweden on Monday night with the two first episodes. I like the West Wing and this was definately a worthy follow-up on that successful show and with a really interesting perspective. It was almost a feminist perspective and it was so interesting to see how they have chosen to portray the difficulties a first female President of the US would face. And her Chief of Staff was black, which I actually did not think about until very late in the second episode. I hope this will be a good mental preparation for the people of how it would be like to have a woman in the Oval Office. Well done so far, madam President!

Home make-over…

I was so excited about my new stuff that I called one of my best friend Annica and her girlfriend and invited them over. I tried to fix my apartment up (it was kind of messy 🙂 but when they showed up I still had a lot to do. However, they were kind enough to help me clean it up and put everyting on the right places. After we had worked for an hour or three I almost felt like being part of one of these home make-over shows. Then we had some Japansese food and enjoyed the very large screen…

Home Cinema!

This is soo cool! Yesterday I picked up my homecinema LCD Projektor and a matching screen for that and spent the night rearranging my small apartment. Finally I got the furniture at the right places and started to set up everything. When I turned everything on….well I just sat there smiling in my sofa. It was so incredibly nice to have that nice big screen with powerful sound in my own livingroom! I was so excited I just had to watch an episode of one of my favorite TV-shows.

An update…finally!

Alexandra at the harbour of Höganäs

Well, they say that if you don´t update your webpage people stop coming there…but in my case I have not updated my page in almost five (5) years and still I have over 100 visitors each day. Why I have not updated my page? Hmm…I think the page filled a lot of needs from 1998-2001 and I met many interesting people through my page. Then I got involved in the Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Rights (RFSL) and soon I was project manager for their web development. So I got another page to take care of so to say…

Now, my life have changed a lot since 2001 and I feel there is a need to start working on my page again. I guess I won´t transfer all of my old content but I leave it on the server for the time being.

Welcome to my new page (with a blog format) and I hope you will find it interesting!

A month or so on hormones

Well, now more than a month have passed since I started taking my estrogen hormones. It took few weeks before I started to notice anything but now I feel a bit more calm and less “edgy”. I have also seen a few small changes on my body and things have started to “developing” if you see what I mean 😉 That feels great but I am also a bit more tender…A few weeks into the treatment I was also ordered a changed dosage from two a week to once a day and I think that really started to speed things up. My doctor said that we should try these for some time and if the result “was not enough” whatever that means, we could consider other types of female hormones as well. It sure feels like I have started a new chapter of my journey now.

Yesterday I also met with my psychaitrist (the one responsible for my transition) again. We are supposed to see each other every third month or so. It was actually rather nice going there and having someone from “the outside” to talk about things in my life. I think I start to understand why some people really think it is good to have regular counseling/therapy sessions.

First day on hormones

Last night was a big night. It was time to start taking hormones. The ones I have got is in the form of a transparent band-aid that stays on for 24 hours a piece. I must say it felt a bit nervous when I tore the first pack open but at the same time it was such an relief. This was something I had been waiting for a long time. I was also very curious about if I would feel any effect of them right away but I guess it takes more than half a day to start notice anything…:) I just can´t wait to see my body changing, hopefully into the woman I always wanted to see in the mirror.


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