Why switching?

Mac OS X does not crash. It is a very stable operating system. I usually restart my computer only a few times a months. When applications crash (they sometimes do) the main operating system just goes on without any strange sideeffects.

No known viruses or exploited security holes t-o-d-a-y
Today, there are no viruses and other security threats to Mac OS X. Even though that can change tomorrow there is still no known viruses for the Mac today while there are over 150 000 for Windows. That must say something of the likelyhood of getting your computer wrecked by a virus. Hey, even F-Secures Chief of Technology have publicly said that Mac-users does not need an anti-virus software today.

Everything is integrated in a very nice way
Mac OS X and the applications that is included are integrated in a very elegant manner so that your images are available for that slideshow on the DVD or when you want to do that nice presentation in Keynote. Also, the software included is very intuitive so that most of the things that you otherwise did not think you can do is suddenly rather easy. I have seen friends of mine who have not used a Mac nor iMovie make a very nice movie in half-an-hour.

A little bit nicer from the moment you unpack it
From the moment you get that beautifully designed box with your stylish computer inside a lot of people feel something special about their computer. More than a few of my friends actually slept with their Mac the first night and when people see it often their instinct is to reach out and touch it. How often do you see that with computers from Lenovo or Fujitsu-Siemens??

A smaller set of choice is actually productive
Sure, there are more options out there if you choose a PC running Windows but more choices also means more combinations and not all of them are supported. If you have a Mac (made 2000 or later) you know that your computer will work when you install the operating systems. No messing around with strange drivers for your network card, graphic card or some BIOS-upgrade that is need. It just works, because it is the same company who makes both hardware and software. Less combinations makes fewer risks of incompatabiliy. Some people like to have a computer that just works and some people likes to spend the weekend fixing it – which one are you?

Macs are affordable
A Mac mini starts at 499 USD and you can get an iBook for around 1000 USD.

Macs work just great in a mixed environment
Today Mac OS X ships with support for most protocols and formats. Windows File Sharing using SAMBA has been there for years and works fine if you have an existing network of Windows PC:s. There is no problem using CD:s or DVD:s or USB sticks formatted in FAT32. Mac OS X even read a NTFS volume (but cannot write to it yet). Surfing the internet is a breeze with the included standards-based Safari webbrowser but if you still prefer FireFox, Netscape or Opera they are available for download for Mac OS X.

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