Alexandra and her pink iPod

“An Apple a day keeps Windows away”

Why Apple is important in my life
I am actually allergic to apples (is that an ironi or what!) but this is not a page about fruits, it is page of the incredible strength of this brand. It is so strong that it actually makes me to do free promotion for it and feeling just great while doing it 🙂

I have been a Mac-user since 1987 or so when my father bought his first computer to the company he worked for. It was a Macintosh Classic and we then had the coolest computer in the neighbourhood. It did not take long for me to love the things you could do with that computer. It was a gray box with a nine inch black-and-white screen and two floppy drives and Apple had a 30% market share or so. But that is history…

Why Apple matters even more today?
The old Apple was in to expensive closed proprietary solutions but all of that have changed since Steve Jobs came back in 1997 as the CEO of Apple. Today Apple makes affordable computers that sets the standard for the industrial design of computers and its operating system Mac OS X is considered to be the most modern and advanced operating system in the World today. Apple is stronger than ever, not only thanks to the huges success of the iPod music player but also for it´s ground-breaking software. The operating system is based on the rock-solid FreeBSD distribution and the whole foundation is actually an open-source project run by Apple engineers. Apple is vigorously implementing international standards and file format but usually in a more user-friendly way than most others. Through its Final Cut Studio suite of video editing applications Apple is now of the three big A:s in the videoediting industry together with Avid and Autodesk.

In the earlier days Apple was seen as the technology of choice for the “creative industry” but nowadays you see an increasing number of “geeks” turning to Mac OS X together with an increasing number of engineers at Sun Microsystems who enjoy running their huge Solaris-servers through the command-line interface at the same time as they are using Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Excel.

Apple is simply technological innovations with style and usabilaty and it is amazing that only about 5-10 percent of the computer users have realized that. It is even more strange that big organizations like the Swedish Armed Forces have banned the use of Macs and Mac OS X in their guidelines. Every other operating system but Mac OS X is allowed. Isn´t it strange that an organization that emphasizes the use of COTS(Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) products have decided to just not pay attention to the stuff that one of the technolgical leaders in the computer industry are working on?

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