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My Amazing TEDx-talk experience

There is something special about these TED-talks that I really like and enjoy. I think it is something about the format which seem to bring the content out in the daylight, often with a razorsharp delivery. People often ask my how it was like to give the talk but to me it was an experience in the form of a journey from a fairly fuzzy seed into what you can see as the final result below. So, have a look and I will tell you about the journey below.

What is TED then?

I realise that not all people are familiar with TED yet so here is a short primer. TED is a global set of conference run by a foundation in the United States and these events are one or a few each year with a high profile, world-renowned speakers and a ticket price at around 8000 USD. Not for everyone so to speak. However, the concept exist as a franchise that you can get a license for usually one per city in the world and these “in the spirit of” events are called TEDx like TEDxStockholm. These are non-profit events organised by volunteers in each city. To read more see this Wikipedia article on TED.

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