Some more about being different

Yesterday I met a reader of this blog. It is always great to realize that there are people who read what I write. Got my inspired for a follow-up post about being different. The last one dealt a lot with the meaning and value of different words. One perspective from my own identity and what I am comfortable feeling and calling myself and the other perspective from the other person and how he or she is percieving me. Odd, strange or different is the question. I remembered the large ad campaign called Think Different that Apple ran in the 1990’ies.

See the television ad Think Different on Youtube

It was a strong sense of pride of being different, being something better, being someone who matter in history. I felt proud back then of being a Mac user. Sure, it was different and I was often questioned why I still used those expensive and strange Macs when everybody else had gone mainstream with Windows 98. It wasn’t all that different from coming out as gay or lesbian. It caused a reaction and it helped if you were prepared to provide a small briefing about it. However, being a Mac user at MacWorld was a completely different sensation. I think no one felt different there, instead a strong sense of being in a safe and accepting environment. Again, not that different from Stockholm Pride Park where LGBT-people are the majority for once.

It seems that the meaning of these words are closely linked to the context, where we are and who else is there. I think most lesbians feel very much at home when they are at one of the lesbian places here in Stockholm. However, you can be different there as well but it is along other lines than sexual orientation. Norms exist in minorities and are quite possibly even stronger there in some cases. Having a transsexual background as I do means that I can feel different along the gender line at this lesbian place. The instant I am not seen as the woman I am from whatever strange reason I also stop being a lesbian. In their eyes and possibly in my eyes as well. At least from an expectation point. In these moment I think I turn from being different and proud to being strange and not that proud. Context is everything as usual.