A night out – girl’s party at a familiar place

Last night I got a late call from one of my friends on her way to a party downtown Stockholm. She had came to think of me and wondered if I could join them at the party. I think most people feel they need some sort of mental preparing before going out dancing and for me that is probably even more so. So here I was watching Mythbusters on the TV and wondered what I should do. I thought I better say yes. Partly because a need to come out a bit and I like to dance but I guess also to avoid feeling left out. I am very sensitive for being left out and I think I go out of the way to not intrude or bother people who want to be left alone. Too much of course, probably because I left my childhood home with a bit of anxiety for parties and also of course my coming out process where I was almost surprised when people wanted to hang out with me “although” I was a transsexual girl. I am working on that but it still comes back sometimes in the club environment. This summer at a Pride party I also experienced that feeling of almost being in the way for my company (right or not). I felt like I was the boring girl hanging along. Some serious self-confidence issues here…

So after I while I stood in the wardrobe line and felt almost shaky. Partly from walking alone from my car in the dark night of Stockholm but also a bit scared of how I would handle myself at this party. Of course looking forward to see my friends but also nervous. Luckily my friend spotted me in the line and gave me a hug and some company while waiting. I had been to this place a few times before but that was 8-9 years ago or so. The very first time almost not being let in because they wanted proof of me being a transsexual woman. That time scared because of passing but this time not as much to my surprise. I felt cute in my greenish shirt with a lace top under and my own hair flowing over my shoulders. It seemed I passed well because I got almost no looks at all. Being not looked at is somewhat comforting I guess but also not the best approach to meet someone.

Walking towards the bar I realised that one of the things I have trouble to handle is that the whole experience is a strange mix of people in a party mood which means that they are happy towards certain people but also a bit impolite towards others. You are being pushed or even spilled drinks on and have to fight your way towards the bar. When you meet someone there is almost often not enough room and it is easy to feel pushed away because people need to scream in each other’s ears to get some attention. I guess a have a tendency to back off when being pushed in different ways. The music was load and it was really hard to hear what people where saying which is my next issue.

My voice is something I have written about before. I am proud of the work I have done with it over the years and today I feel more confident than ever. I mean people have several time told me I have a nice female voice or even a “chick-voice”. I found myself thinking about how I sound less and less. However, in the loud club environment I find that I have to muster all my energy down to the stomach to say something. Then what comes out sound very coarse and not feminine to me. However, what is worst is that all that makes almost avoid talking to people because I feel I lose all spontaneity and everything I say feels a bit corny. This strange because in other situations I like to talk to people and think I am quite good at creating a good conversation with most people.

So I ended up around a table with my friends drinking a coke. A little bit surprise that the crowd was reasonably varied (compared to last time!) with different looks and a wider age spread than usual. A flow of lesbian women around me to and from the dance floor pumping out music. Everybody occupied with there own look and checking other people out. I wondered how people see each other and how this instant attraction really works. Of course I am wondering if I am passing and I guess me being not in my best element is visible to people. But I almost felt invisible in that flow of women. Seeing my friends socialising, talking and even kissing people around me makes the contrast bigger.

I know everybody is not up for that but of course I can’t help thinking about Sara Löwestams column in the LGBT Magazine QX where she reminds people that transsexual people sometimes have missed out of all these teenage things. The school parties with the first kiss and the first love. Getting experiences but of course also making mistakes. I did not have these experiences and that can bring insecurity in unfamiliar situations like this. After a while I ended up being there at the table alone because some have went to the restrooms and the other’s I have no clue. The feeling of being lonely or maybe even worse thinking that other people think I am lonely. Especially if they “read me” as a transsexual woman. I did not panic or so but I decided that if my friends or some other that I know showed up in 15 minutes or so I just had to leave. Luckily I got some company just before my mental deadline.

After a while we ended up dancing and I had a great time for the first time that evening. The music were better than earlier that night and it felt nice being in the sea of women dancing. Around 2.20 most of my friends have went in different directions again and it was me and a friend of mine left at the very same table. When she said she was going home I tagged along. Mostly of fear of standing there alone again but also to keep and get some company on our way home.

In the end I think I hope I can master all situations but have to realize that I am more comfortable in some than others. I should therefore accept that I prefer maybe a nice dinner rather than a night out at loud bars. However, I like to dance and it is fun to look at people so I also don’t want to feel like I am not the girl to bring along for these things. Again fear of feeling left out. I wonder how people do it. Maybe alcohol have something to do with it…

One thought on “A night out – girl’s party at a familiar place”

  1. Hej! Vilken öppen och givande hemsida du har! Jag har inför ett skolprojekt försökt läsa in mig på transsexualism och din sida är helt klart mest givande!

    Det är så att jag i skolan skriva ett reportage om “mansrollen”. Inför det ska jag intervjua någon jag tror kan ge en bra och intressant vinkling på dagens mansideal och hela könskategoriseringen, så jag undrar; skulle du kunna ställa upp på en intervju? Den kan ske via mail, och om du vill kan du vara anonym. Du får gärna svara till min mailadress om du skulle kunna ställa upp! Det skulle göra mig väldigt glad!

    Ha en jättebra helg! //Lovisa

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