Meeting a completely new person

Sleeping Juwel
Today I finally had the opportunity to meet a dear friend of mine and her little newborn baby. I think I was a little nervous before meeting her maybe because there would be this other little person there also. I think I also felt some expectations on me as a woman and some image of how women “should” react to babies. I know this is a bit stupid but somehow these thoughs tend to find their way into my head anyway. She looked really happy and just beautiful with her little jewel in her arms when se opened the door. The first weeks were very tiresome for her so it was nice to see that she had got some strength back. The little boy was so sweet and cute and it turned out to be a little bit hard to not just sit there staring at him. There is something so natural and spontane how babies move and make faces. It is a little bit strange to see a person you know well in this new role as a mother I guess because of some sense of absolute responsibility for the child but also some degree of maturity, being a grown-up. I also felt a little bit proud to see her with her child, making it through the pregnancy and seeing how much she loves him. I had bought a tiny baby dress in green and brown which was for the baby and the grown-ups got chocolate! The parents seemed very pleased but the little one naturally had more important stuff to focus on: sleeping and eating ūüôā We had a rather long walk along the waterside and I had the chance to catch up and hear what these first weeks had been like. I wished I had been able to be more supportive then but I had this strange cold/infection that lasted almost two weeks unfortunately. Anyway it will be interesting to see him grow up (they say it goes real fast!) and will take the chances it get to do that. The chances of any children of my own seem a bit distant now so maybe this is as close as it gets.

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