Lovely weekend in Berlin

Christmas in Berlin 2009 with friends
So after getting up really early I landed at Berlin Schönefeld around 8 in the morning and despite the rain it felt great to finally be there. Struggled a while to understand the ticket machines at the S-bahn station close to the airport and finally I was on my way to the central part of Berlin where Mikael had rented really cool apartments where we all could stay. Got off the train at Alexanderplatz and took a cab the last bit which turned out really short. The apartments where really nice with a very modern and designed look. I decided to get some sleep before heading out on the streets of Berlin and it was so welcome to slip between warm and clean sheets in the bed.

In the afternoon we set off towards KaDeWe where Mikael was doing some intense Christmas gift shopping on the top floor but we were all quite hungry so we stopped a nice coffee house and I had a warm sandwich and a wonder full Vanilla Latte. It felt great to be walking around Berlin again (have been there once before) and feel the pulse of a big city. The apartment store KaDeWe (Kaufhaus Des Westens) is similar in style to NK here in Stockholm but so much bigger – almost beyond understanding. We browsed through the top floor devoted to food and it was so much to look at. Found a nice and expensive Chinese tea for my brother together with a cool designed tea can. We also passed a bottle of Champagne which had a retail price of 5990 EUR (!). The Christmas decorations where also very interesting to look at together with vast array of home interior design things. Finished off in the lingerie department which I found two nice chairs for my tired friends to rest in while I walked around looking at wonderful pieces of underwear. It is so fun with underwear this days – the surgery has really changed this for me. I found a very nice piece with bra and panties from the german company Mey which fitted me perfectly on the first try. The size was 80C this time. It is so fun to buy underwear and I felt great to have found another set already.

In the evening we fixed some canapés to the champagne (and a very small cute bottle of non-alcoholic white wine for me) which we had before heading for dinner in the evening. It was great sitting there with friends in a cool Berlin apartment eating and drinking. For the dinner we had found a rather interesting Italian place rather close to the apartments. It was housed in a pretty large stand-alone house which had a huge set of stairs in the entrance. The place was very casual with lots of scribblings and pictures of Che Guevara on the walls. I think my left-oriented friends liked a lot and I felt it was exotic 🙂 The pizzas we had were of high quality even though I missed the herbs on top. After the dinner we headed of to the Roses Bar which is completely decorated in pink and rather psychedlic lights. The music was great and it was a fun bar to be in. We must have been rather exotic because people stared at us a lot and I don’t think it was me this time.

After that bar the time was around 1 o´clock in the morning and I felt I needed to head back to be able to make it in time for the flight 12.40 the next day. However, I sometimes feel a bit boring these times and always wonder if I maybe should be better to stay around and possibly see more things and meet more people. Some of the others end up returning home at 9 in the morning and then some of the big clubs were still open (some don’t even get crowed before 5-6 in the morning). On the other hand I need to be better to do what I feel I want to and I did not felt like being totally wasted of tiredness the day after, especially after my early morning from Skavsta airport. So I went home and had a nice time chatting before heading to bed around 3 in the morning.

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