The result of Google’s acquisition of Marratech…

Swedish company Marratech made inroads in the market with their virtual meeting application which ran on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X 5-6 years ago. The had many customers in the education market to do virtual training and lectures. A powerful feature of the application was the ability to have over 100 different people in the same room with many of them transmitting video. The bandwith issue was controlled by setting a max bandwith on the room and the quality adapted accordingly. However in 2007 the company was bought by Google and then nothing was heard about the technology for a long time and Google refused to comment around future products. However, with the release of Google Voice and Video we now know what they used the technology to. I really hope it will be more than this in the future though…

A really awful day…

This was a really awful day. My dreams was crushed and it took me hard. It started when I felt a little lonely the weekend before and read a little to much into a blogpost of my dear A. I guess I wanted to get something back from her about what she felt about me and I popped that question more or less without really understanding it before it was too late. Even though she had told me this summer that she could not give me any answers I guess I still held the hope up. The hope of love, intimacy and deep friendship. I thought that she was so good that I could wait for her at least half-a-year or so. So today it was there in the Inbox. The answer and I sort of felt what was in there before I opened it with fear in my stomach. I read the whole email and went almost empty at once. I had understood the words but the meaning did not really sink in until after 10 minutes or so. Then the tears came. Big time. It felt like my dream suddenly was wiped away. Remembered her beauty by my side at the Pride event this summer, remember all the conversations we had. Talked about things that I more or less only can do with one other person. How on earth would I find someone like her again? Would I ever find someone who actually could understand me like I think she does? Will I ever find someone to share my life with when it is no even possible with someone like her. Sure, it seem more to be about her than me and timing need to be right in life to make relationships work. But still. She is far away and we will have a change to talk when she comes to Stockholm in a week. I think that will be good even though it can be really hard that too.

Fortunately, I had made plans with my dear dear friend Puck this day and that really saved me. Exhausted from one hour of diathermy and then crying I went to her place and was so so sad. Sat on a chair next her and talked and talked for hours. Got that long hug that somehow seem to lift the pain from my shoulders. Thought a lot about my life and what I wanted from it right now. Felt much better when I left her in the evening like I had got the time to get some of my sadness out of my body.

Speaking at Momentum 08 in Prague on Tuesday

I have arrived to Prague today to attend EMC’s Momentum 08 conference which focuses around their Documentum product line. I love travelling and especially flying and have no problem at all spending time at big international airports. However, being by yourself in big towns when heading for a dinner is not always that nice. However, now I am having a great time after a warm bath and lying in my bathrobe watching BBC World and using my computer.

On Tuesday at 0945 I will be speaking at the conference. My session in the Software Development Track is called “Active Knowledge Management using Documentum D6.5”. The full description looks like this:

The Swedish Armed Forces uses EMC Documentum D6.5 at the Joint Concepts Development and Experimentation Centre to develop staff procedures for a next-generation operational HQ. Based on the knowledge support concept, a customized EMC Documentum solution, using multiple user interfaces to access all kinds of digital content, has been developed.

My presentation will cover our workflow implementation using TaskSpace and BAM, our customized relationship object, graphical visualization of relationship and our integration with external search engines and GIS-systems. It will be interesting to get some reactions to our concept and how we make use of the Documentum platform. I hope for reactions not only from EMC employees but also from other big customers.

Download the full conference programme

Reflections from a busy week

For the third year in a row I have the busiest week of the year when we are conducting what we call an “Experiment” at work. What it means is that we bring real people in to work according to the outlines in the concept we are developing. It is as interesting as it sometimes is tiresome. Since I am more or less the “mum” of the design of our information technology platform I struggle hard to make it work as much as I have previously “advertised” to my colleagues and participants. This year I think we have made a really interesting (and cool) integration of Documentum 6.5, a 4D-database tool called Beata (space+time), FAST ESP 5.2, IBM Lotus SameTime 8.0.1, Carmenta Server and the portal based on InfoGlue.

This week meant luckily that I could stay at a hotel in Enköping so I did not have to drive two hours back and forth each day. Since the traditional Viking-exercise was going on at the same time in Enköping there where a lot of military officers from other countries staying at the hotel. I wrote about my experiences at at a previous exercise before and this time it was nothing like that at all. I could wear my nice blue uniform with a skirt which makes me feel both pretty and comfortable. I was together with a colleague more or less in control of all that happened and the experiment participants have been really nice. However, at the hotel I had somewhat of a deja vu some mornings. Maybe it was my uniform or the sounds of my heels, I don’t know but with all these mostly male officers from all over the world I felt so stared at that it became uncomfortable at times. During the evenings when we usually had some food in the bar it felt much better, maybe because I was sitting with somebody all the time. I told a friend of mine about it and he just told me that they were only looking because I was so good-looking. Hmm…I like to believe that but there is that something in people’s eyes that says something. Maybe it is because I am a female officer – I know other women in the Armed Forces have told me similar stories.