A wonderful weekend in the Kingdom of Crystal

The wonderful A is in Småland to take care of her parents’ (and childhood) house when they are away on a vacation and she invited me to come visit her this weekend. I was really happy about this since it meant that we could spend even more time together and get to know each other even further. Even though we had long walks and talks before it is different to spend a weekend together. This summer have in many sense been different for me. It has been very intense with a lot of wonderful moments but also lots of tears (at least more than usual). I really feel it is positive since I feel more alive than ever before I think. New emotions and ones that I have not experienced for a while. A has definitely been giving me a lot of great moments and lots of positive energy. I know that neither of us seem ready for any commitments right now, instead we can keep continuing exploring the paths around us and maybe (hopefully) we end up walking along one of them hand in hand later on. So with that in mind it was just wonderful to spend a lot of leisure time together with her and being completely spoiled by her great food. I think it gave us both a chance to see how we are without our makeup on (a huge step for me!) and how we do our daily routines. A lot of time to talk as well and we certainly have things to talk about!

The place felt like “mitt i mörkaste Småland” – way-out on the countryside but still in the middle of what is called the Kingdom of Crystal where all the famous Swedish crystal pieces are made. A lot of tourists come here each year. It was a little bit strange seeing her in that environment and see how she seemed to know her way around. It feels far away from what I right now appreciate – loving big cities and all. However, soon I remembered that even though this is the place where she grew up it is not what she is comfortable with either. She is also a real city girl nowadays and love living in Stockholm. It is just interesting to note these things because different environment sometimes puts a frame around people in some way. Anyhow I really liked being there because it was so calm and relaxed with only the occasional car passing by.

We had the chance to go shopping together at the Kosta Outlet and she proved once again that she is a real Fashion Dyke 🙂 I guess she even likes shoes more than I do and I think we spent over an hour at the shoe store and we both found shoes that we liked at very good prices. We also had a real outdoor moment when we put on rain clothes and Wellington boots to walk the two dogs in the forest. I was a little bit worried at first since I got dog-bitten a couple of weeks ago but these dogs where very nice although very energetic so it went just fine. It was even nice to be in the forest for some time but this time on my own terms instead of some military exercise. Anyway in all a wonderful weekend and it was a little hard to say goodbye in the Sunday afternoon. I almost got used to having her around…

Småland pictures

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