I will be a speaker at Momentum 08 in Prague

This weekend I got a nice surprise in an email from EMC which confirmed that my speaking proposal had been accepted. So now I guess I will be going to Momentum 08 Prague as a speaker! It feels great and I look forward to it a lot. Unfortunately it is in the middle of a very important week at work but I got confirmation from my commanding officer today that I can at least fly down for the day to give the speech and possibly also check out the other sessions that day. My sessions is entitled “Active Knowledge Management using Documentum D6” and will be focusing on how we use Documentum as a foundation to work proactively to support end users in finding, organizing and utilizing their information in a military HQ. Fortunately it looks like we are going to do another major step in taking our platform forward and that will not only include a very early upgrade to D6.5 but I will also get my data-deduplication feature 🙂 It sure will be an interestung autumn.

Interesting details about Documentum licensing

Today I learned some interesting things about the names and licensing of Documentum products. MediaWorkSpace which was previously announced as included in the DAM license will now require its own license. A little bit strange since it is merely handling image files so far. The Magellan essentials license however will be included in each Content Server license which is good. The full Magellan client (which for a while was called IntelliSpace) will be a separate license when it will become available. I also learned that there are no longer any licenses for Reporting Services developer which limits the number of Crystal Reports designer tools in your system. Instead there are is a CPU license for Reporting Services allowing as many designers as you like in your system. Furthermore I learned that what is labeled Business Process Management includes both Documentum Process Builder and Forms Builder but only used one at the time on one machine. Forms Builder can be bought as a separate license. We had intended to get Forms User licenses but we chose to for some TaskSpace clients instead where Forms User is included. At EMC World we also learned that the Process Engine DocApp is required to run BAM in Documentum D6.5

Grateful for any clarifications or corrections if someone have found out something else.

Got my new Mini Cooper Clubman D today

Mini Cooper D Clubman Nightfire Red
It has been ready for a couple of days but believe it or not but I had so much to at work that I could not squeeze in the time to go to Uppsala to get it. However, today I finally decided that it could not wait any more so I raced to Uppsala in my Mini Cooper S for the last time and enjoyed the big engine as much as I could 😉 When I got to Novation (the name of the car dealer) my sales person was taking it out of the garage just as I rolled in. It looked wonderfully red in the sunshine and I immediately felt it was a good decision. The new car is certified as an environmental car by the Swedish Road Administration (Vägverket) and consumes around half of the fuel per 10 km compared to my old car. It also has cool features such as brake-regeneration of electric power and an “enviromental” stop feature which makes the engine stop (while everything else is running) when you put the gear stick into neutral. A small touch on the clutch (koppling) makes the engine start again. Highly useful in Stockholm’s rush-hour. The car also has a new iPod interface which is a real improvement over the old one. This one speaks Swedish and allows you to navigate just as you do on the iPod and show the title of the current song in the display. So my car is essentially an iPod accessory 🙂

A great trip to Malvern, UK

Today I got home from a business trip to Malvern in the United Kingdom. It was a great trip and the adventure started at Heathrow Airport. I boldly told my commanding officer that I liked to try driving on the “wrong” side so I got registrered as an additonal driver on our rented cars. He also decided to pay a little more (of his own money) to upgrade the car and I did not really got what car it turned out to be. Until we arrived at the Hertz parking lot and found the car – a large Mercedes SUV! So here I was switching from driving a Mini Cooper S to a huge car and on the left side to add. I took it very careful when I left the parking lot and it felt rather weird. Not to mention handling the round-abouts where everything seemed to spin in the wrong direction. However, after a little focusing it turned out ok and soon I was driving fast on the highway westwards.

Anyway we arrived there safely and settled in our rooms at the lovely hotel called The Abbey. Nowadays I am not at all nervous traveling abroad but I must confess that this business meeting was making me just that. We were scheduled to meet ex-military people and of course I was worried that they wouldn’t be as open-minded about me as I wanted. On top of that I was scheduled to give a speech for them as well. I had my nice Karen Millen outfit on and actually almost forgot my nervousness after a short while. I was really prepped for my speech and felt very engaged and energetic when I was talking. It looked like the UK people were both interested and seem to like what I was saying and afterwards I got praise both my Swedish team and the UK one.

In the evening they had made reservations at a local pub and I must confess I was a little worried about that too. You never know what happens when there is alcohol around. However, it turned out to be the best evening out for a long time. I actually managed to enjoy myself all the time and the UK people were just great and treated my like a lady 🙂 It felt just wonderful to engage in vivid discussions in English and just be myself. To me that is a big thing because ten years ago I would have been almost scared in an environment like that. That IS progress.

Visa större karta

An inspiring speech from Hillary

I have followed the presidential campaign more closely this year than any other and the reason is of course the intense race between two ground-breaking candidates: Senator Clinton and Obama. I have said before that I support Hillary and no matter how I see it she is and will be a role-model for me.

Watching her speech just minutes ago on CNN made a strong impact on me. She is a great speaker and hearing her talking about both gay and women’s rights made me so happy and maybe the strong cheering of the audience meant even more. At least these thousands of people supported that whole-heartedly. Of course her final segment reflecting on the fact that her being a women has changed the way we look at possibilities for women. We can actually tell those young girls that they can be all they can dream of – even becoming a very close runner-up as a presidential nominee. Sure the final glass ceiling is still left but as Hillary said “it now has 18 million cracks in it and the light is shining brighter then ever”. This is rather emotional for me since I have felt the glass ceiling in the Swedish Armed Forces already and it does not feel good.

Read the full text of the speech

See the speech below: