Unexpected flashback

Today I was downtown to run some errands and stopped by the Åhléns department store on Fridhemsplan. I found a few books (The Last Templar and one about Sweden’s Queen Kristina) at the annual book sale and bought my favourite makeup cleanser. When I was on my way out I passed through the fragrance section and in the entrance was a girl promoting Paris Hilton’s latest perfume. At first I was annoyed that she did not even bother to offer me a sample. I was not wearing any makeup today – realized too late that my makeup store was about to close so I had to dash away. Anyway I browsed around among the perfumes and found my favourite from Gucci. Then she finally turned to me and offered me a sample. I smelled it and it was actually rather nice. I agreed to put some on my wrist and then it came back to me.

Ten years ago in Helsingborg when I was about to “come out” and had my first wonderful “days as a woman”. I was rather lonely and scared about all this back then but I soo looked forward to these days when I finally could be myself. One of these days I decided I needed to buy a perfume for me so with great nervousness I entered the fragrance store next to “my” beauty salon. There I got my first samples, you know the thin paper sticks which the spray the perfumes on. I liked one of them and got a sample sprayed on my wrist. I think I was not ready to buy anything the first time so I kept my samples and went about with this wonderful feminine smell all around me all day. I remembered it made me smile in my car on the way back home and when I felt the scent in bed that evening.

I remembered all of this so clearly now when I laid in my bed using my beloved Mac. Once in a while the Hilton smell filled my nostrils and sent me back down memory lane. Wow, what life has changed since then.

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