Half the time under the laser

So, after working almost constantly for several weeks I decided it was time to focus on me and some of the things remaining in my transition process. Time for laser treatment in Uppsala again. It seems to me that my hormone replacement therapy have some effect on that in face even though it is not supposed to. So today’s treatment went down from almost 20 minutes to under 10 minutes. Cheaper and half the pain…sort of. And yes, I have to pay for it myself due to the infinite wisdom of the local healthcare system here in Stockholm. I long to the day when I can start making my morning routine shorter again. Hopefully it is not that long away…

A really nice Saturday

A view of Stockholm from the cliffs on my island
I have found that it easier to write when I am not feeling that good and where I have things to process. However, I think I need to be better to write about and therefore in a sense also appreciate when things are good. Here is an effort to do just that.

The past two weeks have been really hectic but also a lot of interesting and fun work. When I came home on Friday I had initially planned to go to a birthday party but I was so exhausted that I decided to cancel it and fell asleep after I had done my evening routine (which takes a while…). I think I slept for 11 hours so when I woke up I felt really good. The bakery around the corner have recently opened up again so I decided that having brunch there would be a good start and it was. Not that much people and I found a nice sofa to sit in. I brought my computer to have some company and it was nice sip some tea, look at people and then surf the web a little bit.

After that I took a short walk around the island and was once again reminded how beautiful it is where I live. I must try to enjoy that more often. The view from one of the cliffs over the water and the sun going down was so nice.

In the evening I went to Stockholm Film Festival to see a movie called “The Ten” which deals with the ten commandments in the form of 10 short stories. It was a strange movie but it was ok even though I thought they tried to be humourous but it did not work for me.

Nu har jag haft mitt föredrag på Kompetensmässan och det kändes som det gick riktigt bra. Det känns nästan lite konstigt att “bara” stå och prata om sig själv och redan efter första timmen få en enorm respons av människor som känner sig både rörda och inspirerade av mina erfarenheter. Men det känns kul att det verkar som det jag säger går fram i alla fall. Blev lite förvånad också när det stegade in tre personer från mitt jobb i rummet. De hade tydligen varit på mässan och lyssnat på föredrag hela dagen och ville passa på att lyssna på mig som avslutande föredrag.