Stronger each day

Well, it is over a week now since I left the hospital and it is already a big change. I am now taking short walks by myself each day and I feel that I have some energy over to “do stuff”. I am so grateful that I have wonderful friends around me and in particular Puck that I have been staying at for the past week. It really feels so safe to have someone around to talk to and just be there. She has really taken good care of me and made sure that I have eaten a lot so I will get stronger. There are so many new routines that I need to settle in to that getting the help with everyday stuff makes my recovery so much “softer”. I am also strictly forbidden to lift heavy things and getting help with grocieries and other things also means a lot. But in the end her being a good friend is what means most to me. I wish all people in my situation had that support. The people at the hospital have been very supportive as well and have encouraged me to call them whenever I have any questions or are worried about something. I have done that twice and it was a great relief to hear them saying that everything is just “normal”. Modern technology is great because it makes it possible to send them high resolution pictures of anything I am worried about. I am soon off the medications and are allowed to start my hormone therapy tomorrow. I look forward to that because now I feel rather pale and gray. I wonder if I will react more now than my previous start because the hormone levels in my body is quite different now after the surgery.

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