Jag har ju brunnit för streaming på webben sedan länge och har legat bakom våra tidigare streamingprojekt som inleddes med kongressen i Borlänge 2002. Förra året var jag tyvärr på resande fot och i år så är jag ju konvalecent efter min operation så jag kan inte vara med i år heller. Jag har dock som vanligt försökt stötta med teknisk kompetens så mycket jag orkat och i år har vi lyft oss ett steg till genom att vi bytt från QuickTime Broadcaster till Wirecast från Varasoft. En underbar liten programvara som klarar multipla bitrates och flera kameror med snygga övergångar. Nytt för i år är att vi alltså mixar helt digital på en Mac Pro från Apple. Det är inte utan att jag blir lite stolt över att RFSL även år har en livestream gående från kongressgolvet och det var kul att se EU-ministern invigningstala i år. Nytt för i år är också att vi testar ett kongressystem som kallas Congressus som jag och Martin har tagit fram. Hoppas verkligen att det fungerar bra. Vore roligt att med hjälp av bra teknik kunna göra kongressen smidigare och mer demokratisk/transparent. Jaja, i år får jag alltså följa allt från sängen. Har fortfarande klara problem med att sitta upp i mer än 5-10 minuter max.

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Livesändning från RFSL:s kongress

Taking a walk…slowly

I needed to go to the Pharmacy (apotek) to get some additional things and my friend suggested that we would walk there together. Last the walk to my car and to my friends apartment was a small challenge but it turned out ok. So today we sat course for a real walk a few hundred meters to the Pharmacy. It felt like a really long distant. I had some pain when walking at it definiately felt like the whole thing broke and blood was pouring down my legs. But of course it wasn´t. So we walked really slow with my arm in hers and took a few stops and I was quite proud to have made it. Strange to have that feeling when I use to be able to walk around theme parks for days 🙂

Back from the hospital

The past two weeks have been tough but I each day I got a little better and that felt very good. I so appreciate all the people that for numerous times have been visiting me. You made it so much easier to be there and to get well. From the bottom of my heart – thank you!

Getting well took so much energy that I did not manage to update the blog as much as I wanted. I read all the emails and the comments at the hospital thanks to my wireless connection. Again – thank you! I have tried to backlog some entries and I think I will continue to do that, maybe more for my own sake (and memory) than yours.

Anyway I was released from the hospital today and is now in bed at one of my wonderful friends where I will be staying for the next days. She has promiseded good food and company and that is something I value now.

Day 8 – Rebandaging again

I was almost starting to get used to having real food for breakfast again but when my doctor arrived he rather soon ordered me to stop eating and wanted to take me up to the surgery for a quick check again. So another day without food! Yack! Did the trip in my bed through the elevators up to the 6th floor again. They gave me some sedatives again and off I went. Apparently everything looked fine and the “surgery” took just 7 minutes so around 1600 or so I was back downstairs again and having dinner. Unfortuntately my stomach began to hurt again so I was forced to do some more walking. This time in the corridor. It was kind of strange to peek out of my room on my own legs, rememebering that a week ago I sprinted in there my self.

Day 6 – Dizzy

The day after yesterday´s bandaging and it feels good to have a much lighter bandage. I tried to sit up again today but got rather dizzy after a few minutues but soon I think I can manage to stand on the floor – with help of course. Had some strange heat sensations today as well. More visitors today and that is so welcome, especially when it hurts. The epidural was turned off yesterday and the loss of that makes a difference. They also removed the actual tube that went into the spine today and that was a very strange feeling! I think I need some additional pain killers to be comfortable.

Day 5 – Bandaging

This was an important day when I went up to surgery for a planned bandaging procedure and I was sleeping this time too. Being seedated with all this drugs is rather different for me. I don´t even drink alcohol you know. So it was quite a trip. When I woke up they told me that everything looked just fine and my big bandages and the drains were removed. Felt really good but I was both tired and sore. At lunch I also got my first meal since Sunday afternoon and that was great. I had ordered pasta bolognese but to my great disappointment they had mixed fresh carrots in it! And I am allergic to that! So I ended up with a vegetarian Billy´s pizza instead but it tasted great anyway. Around 1700 two nurses came into my room and told me it was time to sit up in the bed for the first time. I was rather hesitant at first but they convinced me to give it a try. It was soo hard. I was dissy and almost fainted after a few minutes of sitting on the bed side. But I made it!

Day 4 – Preparation

Lying down and not being able to eat real food is boring and rather hard. Got the same greenish hot soup today and it looked really disgusting in the glass I got it in. Switched to some flavoured energy drink instead. Much better. Rather worried today beacasue during next day I will get a more definitive answer if the surgery have gone alright. Don’t think I slept that much during the night. The pain control seem to work ok though.

Day 2 – Pain

The night was tough. Had an bleeding that made quite scared even though it was something that happens to a some patients. The surgeon rather early decided that needed to be fixed up a small surgery. So this day became surgery day as well with regular check-ups and monitors. Everything went fine though and the epidural (ryggmärgsbedövning) seem to get more balanced that the day before. However, I had a lot of pain and they needed to increase the dosage before it become ok.

Had my first visitors today and that was really nice. A hand to hold is never wrong.