Alfresco 2.0 Released

Alfresco Logo

Alfresco is an open-source solution for Enterprise Content Management (ECM). It competes with products like EMC Documentum, IBM Document Manager/FileNet, OpenText/Hummingbird and many others. The idea is to focus on the content (and not projects or something else) within organizations and that means all kind of documents like Word, PowerPoint, PDFs but more and more also images, sounds and video as well. Increasingly these platforms also set out to handle structured content within databases. My experience is that employing a good information model for the content with an organization is the only way to start bringing some order to all the documents found on file servers.

Anyway, Alfresco is a really interesting open-source alternative to this. It has been designed from the bottom up by the same team that developed Documentum years ago. It features versioning, metadata support, free text searching, workflow management as well as a special web content management addition. The list of open standards it supports is very long and I think that is the right way to go. With some help from my friend Martin I installed it on a Apple XServe running Mac OS X Server 10.4.8 and it looked really nice with some new AJAX-powered user interfaces.

Pre-surgery visit at the hospital

Today I went to the hospital to what they call “sign-in” and that means to meet the surgeon, the anaesthesiologist and a nurse at the post-care department. Unfortunately I had a rather sore throat this morning. I so did not want to have a cold today but I guess it is better now than at the actual surgery date on March 12. It was nice to see the surgeon egain, he is very proffessional and easy-going. He walked me through the procedure again and made sure that all the paper work was filled in properly. Next I had to wait for quite a while before going up to the sixth floor to see the anaesthesiologist. It was an funny man that spoke with quite an accent. Well, he did not speak much at all actually, just typed and clicked a lot in the medical software that they use. He did not seem to know much about TS people. In the end he more or less just read the list of durgs they were going to give me before, under and after the procedure. Next up was waiting again for the nurse at post-care. She did not seem to know much about TS-patients either and just asked me if boys were cute in the military and that she seemed patients like us were exciting. And there were some conflicting messages as well. The surgeon said that I was expected to show up at the hospital one day before but the nurse did not seem to now that procedure. Well, she was nice and all but I had expected at least her to express more knowledge about transsexual patients. After all they treat 20 of us a year there. She informed me that I could get a land line phone connected to my bed if I liked but that cell phones were allowed there. Just out of formality I said that I were more interested in internet access than phones but of course that was not available. I think I will sign up for this new Turbo 3G service the Tre is offering. I think I will go nuts without internet, especially the first five days when I am just lying in bed.

Web 2.0

Maybe you have heard about Web 2.0 or the next generation of Internet but wonder what the fuss really was all about. In essence it is not a single thing but a concept made possible by a few different technologies. The thing is though, that it is not so much about technology as it is about changing the way we do business, interact and collaborate. I think just a superficial understandning of these concepts makes it much easier to envision new ideas of how to create (IT-based) service that help us all do amazing things. Someone have put together a very nice video which does a good job of explaining this I think

Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us

It is just 4 min and 31 sec and it is well worth it – especially if you are not a technology kind of person.

Feeling better

I am starting to feel better now which I guess means that I am just “normally” confused again 🙂 Managed to finish off a few administrative things at work today, drove my car through the car wash and then watched Anja Persson take another medal at the Ski World Cup in Åre. She is just amazing and it was not far from the gold medal either.

Hormone break

Hmm…today I had to stop taking my hormones as a preparation for my upcoming surgery. There reason is to reduce the likelyhood of getting blood cluts during and after surgery. I wonder how I will feel without them. My recent test showed that I still had levels more or less as any other woman. I feel a bit tired today but maybe that is because of something else.

I think I am fortunate…

8 years ago I sent a letter to the Air Force Inspector General about my life and the questions I had about my future in the Air Force. Back then I was rather scared and think I needed some (realistic) guidance from different people what do about my career as a full-time military officer. He did not answer the letter but instead sat down to talk to me for 40 min or so when he was visiting my squadron. He just said that the only thing he cared about was that his personell were dedicated and competent to do their respective task and that me being transsexual did not change that. That was an important part of my decision to stay in the Air Force. Support from people is really, really nice.

This week it happened again. We had a few generals visting us from the Headquarters and at the end of that day one of them just walked up to me, gave me a hug and wished me luck for the upcoming surgery. I really appreciated that both from a human perspective and from a professional perspective. I think I am rather lucky. Nice people appear in my life for some reason.

PS. Not just generals have been very nice and supportive. The day after I got sweet letter from a fellow officer that warmed my heart. And the people at my workplace have been very supportive as well. Again, I am fortunte. DS

Mac OS X Tech Talk

A couple of years ago I attended a lot of Apple events here in Sweden and I enjoyed it very much. It is somehow very nice to be around other Mac users and see the glowing Apple everywhere you look. To me all these events also were some kind of a water hole for me because I could go there as a woman. I guess I tested the waters a bit there and it was always very nice days. This Friday it was time again but now the main reason was of course to listen to rather advanced presentations about the development frameworks of the upcoming Mac OS 10.5 Leopard operating system. There were people brought in from abroad to give very detailed presentations about the new exciting API Core Animation as well as Open GL, XCode 3.0 and other new stuff. I canÂŽt tell you more because we signed an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to go there but I can tell you the future for Cocoa developers looks promising!

A little more info is available here: Tech Talk Sessions