Switzerland – hot weather

Today I arrived to Geneva, Switzerland after a quick stop in Munich on my way south. I am here to meet a friend of mine of currently is living in Lausanne. From the Geneva Interational Aiport we took the train to Lausanne and it was pretty hot. No air conditioning. All these seem to be sold to the US or something. At least no one think they are necessary here in Europe for some strange reason. No it is late in the night and still rather warm…around 30 deg Celcius or so I guess.

Love on four wheels!

My MINI Cooper S
Today it happened. I just happened to buy a car…well it was maybe more planned than that but still…I took it for a drive, thought about for 20 minutes and then bought it. My old Volkswagen Passat was getting a bit old and rusty and it was time to get a more reliable car for the winter so a few months I started looking around. I had looked closely at both Toyota Prius and the Saab 9-3 SportSedan but then I found the Mini Cooper. At first I had planned on buying a new one because it is one of those cars that almost beg to be personalized with over 200 different options. It turned out that the delivery time was long, around November or so. So I decided to have a look at pre-owned ones and saw rather quickly that the Cooper S (sport edition) was generally more equipped than Mini One & Mini Cooper. I did not thought that the engine and sport chassi would mean so much to me, but it did! What a fun car to drive! So when I found a silver-metallic Cooper S I just knew it. This was my car. Isn´t she cute?