Gothenburg – Liseberg

This evening we ended up at the Liseberg amusement park in central Gothenburg. Both me and my collegue are theme park buffs so we thought this could be nice. I must admit that Liseberg is not that far from a real theme park – maybe because it does not have a real theme associated with it. However, it has some interesting attractions like the roller-coaster Balder and The Cannon (Kanonen). Balder has been selected as the best wooden roller-coaster two times in three years but I must admit that I don´t fancy wooden coasters. They are simply too shaky in some ways and this one has two many bumps with negative G:s. Makes me motion-sick.

The Älgfilm crew 10 years after the last movie
Today we had a reunion for our moviemaking network we called Älgfilm (“Elk-movie”). It all started when me and my friend Johan started writing movie scripts when we were 12-13 years old or so. Back then we used my fathers Macintosh SE with a 9 inch black-and-white screen with MacWrite as the Word processor. Things happened and a few years later we had finished our first major film project called Target Sweden (Måltavla Sverige). By then most of our friends were involved in movie making in some way. Either as the occasional actor or handling cameras or simple special effects things. I had forgot about some of the less “serious” things we did but it now comes back to me that for a few years we spent a considerably amount of our spare time experimenting with making movies. Short ones sprung off an idea while meeting a few friends at someones house. Add a few guns (non-working replicas) and the improvised action scene was into play 🙂

Anyway this evening we had decided to gather as many as possible to show some of our movies, catch up and have a barbecue. Out of maybe 20 people in our network over half of them showed up and we had a very nice time laughing at our mistakes and seeing some of our childhood neighborhood. Some of us have changed quite a lot since we met, myself included. I felt really stupid when I thought a really good looking girl was someone´s girl friend but when I heard her voice I realized that it was one of us in the team. She had lost a lot of weight since then I since I had been working on the DVD for a week I only had those pictures of her in my mind. On the other hand I think she did not feel bad about my reaction – just as when people does not recognize me and think I am just some girl. It was nice to meet her especially since she is one of these wonderful people that early on in my transformation processes contacted my through my home page just to support me. These people have helped me so much.

Even though I usually was handling the camera in all our movies I must admit that it was with mixed emotions that I saw myself in movies. Even though it almost makes me turn my head away I realized that at that particular time it was me. Even though I thought about my gender identity a lot back then it never caused me any problems with my friends. Quite the opposite the moviemaking efforts sometimes gave me a way to express myself. For instance there is an unusually large presence of female “heros” or action characters in our movies 🙂

I have continued working with moviemaking after we finished our latest Älgfilm project but nowadays more on the documentary side so I once again realized what important knowledge I have got through Älgfilm. If we found the right script and everything I think it would be nice to try to produce a new feature movie again. This time in HD and with more modern technology overall. Maybe a few more real actors as well 🙂

Sweden-Paraguay 1-0

Maybe surprising for some of you since I guess I am not primarily known as a sports fan. However, at work we saw a need to “punish” a fellow work mate for getting married without telling us in advanced and surprise – he is not a sports fan at all. So we dressed him up as a Football fan with Sweden´s team shirt makeup and all and took him to a sportsbar in Uppsala. For my part I actually think the World Cup is somewhat interesting and I usually at least try to see one or two matches where Sweden plays. So I think it was a nice experience to see the match together with all these enthusiastic people in the bar. What a mood it was when Ljungberg scored in the 89th minute! Everybody shouting and jumping 🙂 It was a fun night and I actually got rather cought in the mood in the last part of the game. Would be fun if we make it to the next part together with England.

What a fun car!

My own car (Volkswagen Passat) is getting rather old and it is time to look for a new one so today me and a friend of mine went to BMW to try some of their cars. We started by taking a Mini Cooper for a drive and that was so fun. It really is like driving a very comfortable go-cart. I even took an extra lap in one of the round-abouts, just because it was fun. After that we also tried the BMW 320 Touring and it was a completely different story. Not as fun but incredibly smooth and nice in all aspects. BMW know how to make cars and it does not hurt that they offer good iPod integration in their cars 🙂

Oh, I have realized that my car probably must match the way I dress….but the MINI guys have already thought of that! They actually have their own clothing line with matching tops, skirts and dresses for each model of the car….that is so fun!