To the US again

AGT Ride to main terminal
Time to go to the US again…this time to Orlando, Florida. Had a wonderful flight from Stockholm to Chicago this morning. The plane was not even half-full so after a while I was rather tired and needed some sleep. Found an empty row in the back of the plane and went to sleep for a few hours. Arrived in Chicago in a good mood. Never been to O¬īHare before so that was interesting. Immigration went just fine but I guess it helps to have a government visa ūüôā However, this was the first time I entered the US with my new legal name in my passport and VISA. As far as I can tell I did not get any special attention from the immigration officer.

My and my collegue was kind of hungry so we found a place to eat in the terminal and the waitress asked us “Inside or outside?”. We choose outisde and ended up in the main hallway of terminal! Started our stay in the US with a cheeseburger in a basked…Next we had a few hours of flight down to Orlando and arrived on time. After that came the first attraction of Orlando – the pilotless train that takes you from the aircraft concourse to the main terminal. Since I do like themeparks it always makes me smile to ride the train and see Florida-sun baking on the tarmac.

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