Back in Sweden again

Well, on Saturday I returned home to Sweden again, after almost a month in the US. I should have been updating the blog more but I got a few days of stomach unrest so the margins kind of vanished. I will try to backlog a few moments and picture later. It is good to be back again even though I already miss the warm weather we had during the last weekend. The trip home was tough as always, for some strange reason going back to Sweden is always more tiresome than going to the US. We also missed our connecting flight to Stockholm so I got back home a few hours later than planned as well.

On the flight home I also tried surfing onboard the Aircraft using Connexion by Boeing. It took a while before it started but when it did I got a few hundred kilobits of transfer speed while being 11 000 m (30000 ft) above Greenland ūüôā Should have remembered to update my blog there but my battery run out of power after a while.

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