Those small things again…

Hmm…it sometimes feels a bit embarrassing to be affected by all those small things around us but I guess most of us do. It is just that different people see different needs to tell others about it. Anyway it is interesting to observe people around me. Even though I guess most people (at work) are aware about my transition process and some even heard it from me directly there is some kind of “first reaction”. It is like people struggle really hard to show that they are not showing anything, or something like that. Today a person suprised me by just out of the blue telling me “you are so beautiful!” and before I think she had just looked skeptic when she met me. It turned put that she had not recognized by at all at first and that is something that I sometimes just forget. I mean I still feel like my old self but of course I look rather different know. Anyway, kind words keep dropping in to my inbox and every word means a lot!

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