Since I have a lot do at work I had planned to put some hours in during the weekend but I need to do some errands downtown. I managed to find some nice DVI-HMDI-cable for my home cinema. Hopefully that will make the image even better when I can use the true resolution of my projector. Walking down Kungsgatan I suddenly remembered that one of my friend had told me to drop by the sale at the Karen Millen store. By the way, later I realized that just a few hundred meters from where I was walking there were quite some unrest in the wake of nazis demonstrating at Odenplan. Thank god I missed them – they could have been very rough on people like me.

Anyway…I went to Karen Millen entered the lovely store. I had walked past it several times before just looking in the store´s window and thinking the clothes there were off my league. There were quite a lot of people at the store but the staff were very helpful and soon I found some nice brown and black suits. I have decided to use civilian clothes for my business trip to the US in a few weeks so I definately need some more business-kind clothes. It felt so nice to wear high-quality designer´s clothes and the sale were 50-60 % off the regular price so I decided to buy them both!

Back home I tried the new cable and wow! What a difference! I downloaded a few trailers from Apple´s website and that were just mindblowing. HD will become a revolution just as big as shifting from VHS to DVD-quality.

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