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Well, my new email at work is up and running so on Monday night I sent a lot of notes about it to collegues at work. Even though getting the address took much longer than getting a new ID-card it is good to be able to “be official” at work. Kind of strange, by the way, how important your email (online) identity has become. So, if you have read my email and just arrived here from the included link I just want to say: Welcome, and thanks for stopping by. I hope you will find some useful information here.

However, now I am away again at a conference (and eating a lot of food!) and will be back on Friday at work. I have met another set of people today that have not met me as a women before and it seem to work just fine. Just being able to do introductions at the beginning of the meeting by saying “My name is Alexandra and I work at…” is really wonderful.

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