IKEA and Jack Bauer

An interesting combination, right? Well, on Saturday a few of my friends called me on their way back from a trip to a factory outlet for iittala which sells designer¬īs kitchen ware and pottery. They wanted to know if I wanted to go with them to IKEA and of course I said yes. IKEA is really big here in Sweden and the warehouse in southern Stockholm is quite unique with its circular five-story design. I like being there having all the inspiration of how my home could look like and still being able to afford. However, after eating the mandatory lunch of Swedish Meatballs and lingonberry jam I ended up buying a new set of cupboard for the bathroom. Later in the evening I put it together and it was so nice to store all my things in a neat way. You know a girl and all her stuff in the bathroom ūüôā

On Sunday I had my friend over and we watched a few episodes of the 24 with Jack Bauer once again combatting terrorist from CTU Los Angeles. It is something special about that show – I am always shivering with excitement after each episode.

And today Steve Jobs became the biggest share holder in Disney when Pixar was bought by Disney for over 7 Billion USD.

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