Business trip and email

Today it was decided that I will go to the Defense & Security conference in Florida in April. It is a very interesting conference where a lot of research people all around the world gather and give briefings about their latest research. I have been to this conference before and it always very stimulating and very hard job taking notes all day long. It is also just wonderful to get some sunshine at a time of the year when Florida is reasonably hot.

Another big thing today was getting approval for my new email-address at work. It turned out to be a rather complicated thing and it took almost three months to get it done. It is strange on how many places your name is registrered and I wonder when I will have corrected all of them. Each week it seem to arrive new letters or email from people that I have not yet notified. But is just great to have an official email with my name. Now I can order business cards at last too!

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