Cross-country skiing!

Well, it was a while but today I had the chance to once again go cross-country skiing. My department at work usually go for a planning conference a few times a year and this time we went two hours north where there is much more snow. Since regular excercise is part of our job as officers we had booked two hours of skiing lessons with two instructors. I think it was over 10 years ago but still everything came back to me rather quickly. But guess if I became tired quickly ūüôā My arms were really sore after just 10 minutes! Tomorrow we are supposed to practise our “fine-tuned” technique for a longer trip…

As I have explained on other pages here I still seem to need some makeup in order to be seen as a woman in most situations. However, when doing sports it does not really work to wear makeup and my “extra hair” so I decided to skip that this morning. Even though I do not try not feel less female I think my confidence somehow takes a hit anyway. So when one of my collegues did a mistake and used my “old name” and mumbled something about that it is easier to remember to call me Alexandra when “in my ordinary look”. No harm meant but it is something that still makes me think. I hope that the effect of my hormones and laser hair removal will make these situations less frequent in a year or so.

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