A month or so on hormones

Well, now more than a month have passed since I started taking my estrogen hormones. It took few weeks before I started to notice anything but now I feel a bit more calm and less “edgy”. I have also seen a few small changes on my body and things have started to “developing” if you see what I mean ūüėČ That feels great but I am also a bit more tender…A few weeks into the treatment I was also ordered a changed dosage from two a week to once a day and I think that really started to speed things up. My doctor said that we should try these for some time and if the result “was not enough” whatever that means, we could consider other types of female hormones as well. It sure feels like I have started a new chapter of my journey now.

Yesterday I also met with my psychaitrist (the one responsible for my transition) again. We are supposed to see each other every third month or so. It was actually rather nice going there and having someone from “the outside” to talk about things in my life. I think I start to understand why some people really think it is good to have regular counseling/therapy sessions.

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