Since I have a lot do at work I had planned to put some hours in during the weekend but I need to do some errands downtown. I managed to find some nice DVI-HMDI-cable for my home cinema. Hopefully that will make the image even better when I can use the true resolution of my projector. Walking down Kungsgatan I suddenly remembered that one of my friend had told me to drop by the sale at the Karen Millen store. By the way, later I realized that just a few hundred meters from where I was walking there were quite some unrest in the wake of nazis demonstrating at Odenplan. Thank god I missed them – they could have been very rough on people like me.

Anyway…I went to Karen Millen entered the lovely store. I had walked past it several times before just looking in the store´s window and thinking the clothes there were off my league. There were quite a lot of people at the store but the staff were very helpful and soon I found some nice brown and black suits. I have decided to use civilian clothes for my business trip to the US in a few weeks so I definately need some more business-kind clothes. It felt so nice to wear high-quality designer´s clothes and the sale were 50-60 % off the regular price so I decided to buy them both!

Back home I tried the new cable and wow! What a difference! I downloaded a few trailers from Apple´s website and that were just mindblowing. HD will become a revolution just as big as shifting from VHS to DVD-quality.

Small things means a lot

Today I came back from the conference trip and got back to my office to read my mail. You know the one which says alexandra and “” as the domain 🙂 The unread mail in my inbox almost filled my 21 inch screen and quite a few of them were responses to the email I sent on Monday night. There were all very nice answers from collegues that I have met in work and even though it sometimes were just one line or two of kind and supportive words – it felt great! Small things really mean a lot. Being at work that day suddenly felt much easier even though I have a little to much to do now.

BTW, I seem to be writing all these posts a few days after the actual day. I seem to need to think things through a few times before writing it down…

Notification sent…

Well, my new email at work is up and running so on Monday night I sent a lot of notes about it to collegues at work. Even though getting the address took much longer than getting a new ID-card it is good to be able to “be official” at work. Kind of strange, by the way, how important your email (online) identity has become. So, if you have read my email and just arrived here from the included link I just want to say: Welcome, and thanks for stopping by. I hope you will find some useful information here.

However, now I am away again at a conference (and eating a lot of food!) and will be back on Friday at work. I have met another set of people today that have not met me as a women before and it seem to work just fine. Just being able to do introductions at the beginning of the meeting by saying “My name is Alexandra and I work at…” is really wonderful.

IKEA and Jack Bauer

An interesting combination, right? Well, on Saturday a few of my friends called me on their way back from a trip to a factory outlet for iittala which sells designer´s kitchen ware and pottery. They wanted to know if I wanted to go with them to IKEA and of course I said yes. IKEA is really big here in Sweden and the warehouse in southern Stockholm is quite unique with its circular five-story design. I like being there having all the inspiration of how my home could look like and still being able to afford. However, after eating the mandatory lunch of Swedish Meatballs and lingonberry jam I ended up buying a new set of cupboard for the bathroom. Later in the evening I put it together and it was so nice to store all my things in a neat way. You know a girl and all her stuff in the bathroom 🙂

On Sunday I had my friend over and we watched a few episodes of the 24 with Jack Bauer once again combatting terrorist from CTU Los Angeles. It is something special about that show – I am always shivering with excitement after each episode.

And today Steve Jobs became the biggest share holder in Disney when Pixar was bought by Disney for over 7 Billion USD.

Business trip and email

Today it was decided that I will go to the Defense & Security conference in Florida in April. It is a very interesting conference where a lot of research people all around the world gather and give briefings about their latest research. I have been to this conference before and it always very stimulating and very hard job taking notes all day long. It is also just wonderful to get some sunshine at a time of the year when Florida is reasonably hot.

Another big thing today was getting approval for my new email-address at work. It turned out to be a rather complicated thing and it took almost three months to get it done. It is strange on how many places your name is registrered and I wonder when I will have corrected all of them. Each week it seem to arrive new letters or email from people that I have not yet notified. But is just great to have an official email with my name. Now I can order business cards at last too!

Cross-country skiing!

Well, it was a while but today I had the chance to once again go cross-country skiing. My department at work usually go for a planning conference a few times a year and this time we went two hours north where there is much more snow. Since regular excercise is part of our job as officers we had booked two hours of skiing lessons with two instructors. I think it was over 10 years ago but still everything came back to me rather quickly. But guess if I became tired quickly 🙂 My arms were really sore after just 10 minutes! Tomorrow we are supposed to practise our “fine-tuned” technique for a longer trip…

As I have explained on other pages here I still seem to need some makeup in order to be seen as a woman in most situations. However, when doing sports it does not really work to wear makeup and my “extra hair” so I decided to skip that this morning. Even though I do not try not feel less female I think my confidence somehow takes a hit anyway. So when one of my collegues did a mistake and used my “old name” and mumbled something about that it is easier to remember to call me Alexandra when “in my ordinary look”. No harm meant but it is something that still makes me think. I hope that the effect of my hormones and laser hair removal will make these situations less frequent in a year or so.

A weekend of meetings

This weekend we had a board meeting of the RFSL on both Saturday and Sunday. Before that the transgender working group had a breakfast meeting so it was pretty intense days. There are so many issues that need attention but not that much time left each week to do something about it. One thing we discussed was the need to do a survey of the transsexual care in Sweden. Mainly about practical issues like who to get in contact with them but also to see if there are any significant changes between different hospitals. At the board meeting we discussed the situation in Poland and the Baltics states which are really getting worse when it comes to rights for LGBT people. Earlier this year I saw a movie from Riga Pride and it was really scary to see very hostile people with what looked like Nazi-gestures surrounding the parade that was protected by as many police as there were participants in the parade. Where does all this hate come from?

MacWorld – Intel Inside

Steve & Paul

Yesterday it was time for Stevenote again (Steve Jobs + Keynote = Stevenote). Apple´s famous CEO Steve Jobs entered the scene on Tuesday morning at the Moscone Center in San Francisco for the traditional opening keynote of MacWorld SF. The rumormill had been spinning for weeks about this and the most sites expected the first Intel-based Macs to be launch ahead of scheduled. They were right.

iMacs and the new laptop called MacBook Pro was introduced, sporting brand new Intel Duo Core processors making the laptop at least four times faster than the PowerBook G4 I am writing this on. I want one of these…imagine doing video compression with them!

Other new included an FM-tuner for iPod, new versions of iLife and iWork. Oh…watching the video-on-demand stream in H.264 with my 92 inch screen was really nice 🙂


Well, here it is. I have a new favourite TV show. I just love Geena Davis as President Macenzie Allen in the new presidential TV show Commander-in-Chief.
It premiered here in Sweden on Monday night with the two first episodes. I like the West Wing and this was definately a worthy follow-up on that successful show and with a really interesting perspective. It was almost a feminist perspective and it was so interesting to see how they have chosen to portray the difficulties a first female President of the US would face. And her Chief of Staff was black, which I actually did not think about until very late in the second episode. I hope this will be a good mental preparation for the people of how it would be like to have a woman in the Oval Office. Well done so far, madam President!

Home make-over…

I was so excited about my new stuff that I called one of my best friend Annica and her girlfriend and invited them over. I tried to fix my apartment up (it was kind of messy 🙂 but when they showed up I still had a lot to do. However, they were kind enough to help me clean it up and put everyting on the right places. After we had worked for an hour or three I almost felt like being part of one of these home make-over shows. Then we had some Japansese food and enjoyed the very large screen…