Bra sizes and a very nice Birthday party

Started this morning with a home made Café Latte again and it was really nice. I still think Espresso House does it better than me but still it tasted really good. Noticed again what a big difference my new office chair is compared to the old one. It is way more comfortable sitting in front of the computer now. I can’t really figure out what took me so long. Had a nice talk over the phone with Mikael and realised that a week from now we will be in Berlin on his birthday trip. I look forward to that, maybe because it was years since I travelled and it had nothing to do with work.

A friend of mine had her brithday party planned for this evening so I set out to buy her a present. Decided to go for a book with a LBGT-theme so it turned out to be a great opportunity to visit the bookshop Hallongrottan. When I got there I could not really figure out why I had never been there before either. It struck me how nice it was to have all these LGBT-books gathered and I started looking for a nice lesbian-themed novel for my friend. I really think I need to get some of these books myself. It would be so nice to have a story where the relationship part is actually something I could relate to directly. However, the nice girl in the store guided me to some other books as well and when she told me about a book about post-communist gay men in Poland I knew she would like that. She has her heritage from Poland and the subject seemed really interesting with a story around how these gay men had come up with their own polish way of being gay under a communist dictatorship.

Happy with my purchase I headed off to the downtown area to see if I could buy some underwear for me. The experience this Thursday inspired me to get some nice underwear which I guess can make me feel even more comfortable. I felt it would be great to have some assistance so I headed for Twilfit at the Gallerian Mall where I had some faint recollection of a women working in the changing room area. It turned to to be true and she challenged me directly and rather harshly asked if I knew my sizes. She more or less insisted to measure me, I guess because many women have a tendency to buy the wrong sizes for them. I was a bit nervous at first but it quickly went away when I started trying my bras out. Somehow it felt great when she could see me in my underwear and see that I had the body of a woman. Somehow I think she felt so too because she started complementing how great the bra was and how nice my boobs looked in them. It was more fun then ever to try on nice underwear and I think it looked real good on me too! One great surprise was also that I needed a size 80D (36D in the US) on the light pink one. I have a D-cup – wow! Felt great to have her assistance and when I looked at her nametag I smiled – “Bra expert” it said! Ended up buying a black Calvin Klein and the light pink one from Chantelle.

Finished off the evening at the birthday party and my friend seemed to like my gift. It was a nice and calm evening with a couple of her friends and a dog called Milou that really liked me this evening. Ended up having her sleeping in my lap 🙂 We had ginger bread cookies with ginger bread tea topped off with a pizza later on while we watched Sex and the City the movie. Even if this was the third time I saw it I liked it again. Brought some good reflections on love and sometimes to not give up that easy. I was also reminded by A when Mr Big proposed to her by putting on Carrie her blue high heels. A is an absolute goddess on heels. So balancing getting over her with the (movie´s) message of not giving up to easy when it feels right is not an easy one.

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