Another nice day at home

Wednesday morning I woke up just after eight again – this seem to be a trend. I guess it will make it slightly easier to go back to work or it is just a sign that I am not exhausted 🙂 I started by getting a bit worried over something I saw next to the stitches so I decided to take a picture of it and send it to the hospital. I was amazed how my camera managed to highlight the bruises that apparently is a result of the surgery. Looked a bit scary when I saw them at first.

Anyway Mia chatted me up and offered to come buy to fix me some lunch and provide excellent company. Thought it was a great idea so I was once again spoiled with having a wonderful afternoon with nice food, lots a talking and a walk in the park. The weather was even better than on Tuesday and with a temperature of 21 deg C it was just perfect. She left around 5 and then I decided to do a little bit of work even though I am on a sick-leave. I joined a teleconference at work and being able lie down on a sofa with pillows and a blanket it was actually a nice experience. More teleconferences should be handled this way.

In the evening i decided to watch the movie 27 Dresses which made me both smile and cry a bit. It is about a girl who has a hard time saying no to people and end up being the constant wedding planner/bridesmaid. I think I could identify with her in a few ways especially of being the single girl around a lot of couples. Some of my friends are single so I think I am fortunate to have a very mixed set of friends but anyway. I also think I am not that good at saying no because I so much want to be there for people. However, people have been really there for me during the past years so I think I have at least got much better in accepting my own vulnerability and being able to ask for help when I need it. The hard part of course is also to be able to handle when you ask for help and someone (for good reasons) have to say no. I guess that is the next step of evolvement. Anyway it was a very sweet movie and I was really moved by it.

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