At my speech therapist's again

I like hospitals nowadays. It is great to come see different specialists and have a chance to reflect on things in life. Today the subject was my voice again. I really like my speech therapist…she is a very nice and caring person with a very pragmatic way of looking at my voice issues. The cool part is that she both councels people like me that want to feminize our voices and at the same time women in leadership positions who want to make their voice more “powerful”.

It was good to reflect on this and I decided that most of my problems still is related to speaking on the phone. Especially in English. I guess since it is not my mother-tongue it is harder to find the right melody than in Swedish. Anyway, it is not so nice to answer the phone in English when I see it is a foreign telephone number and hearing the person asking to speak with Ms Larsson. Then I have to explain that this is she speaking and it is unfortunately rather confusing at times.

Well, she told me about a website she had looked into called Exceptional Voice which have voice training programs for transgendered women. She thought that since I speak a lot of English at work it could be interesting for me to try their excercies. As I understood it one can order a few CD:s with audio excercies. I will definiately try that. It is good to know so I feel even more comfortable when giving speeches in English.

We also went to the speech laboratory and did some recordings. I read the same text in the sound proof both and to my amazement the lab assistant came up to me afterwords and just had to tell me that she thought I had a wonderful voice. Isn’t that great? Back in my speech therapist’s room she opened the recordings at her computer and we listened and anlyzed them. It sounded really good I think and she seemed very pleased as well. She did some measurings and found out that I had a mean value of 187 Hz without noise and surprisingly well over 200 Hz with the noise on. That means that my voice not only can work in a noisy environment but actually gets a bit better.

That is good news for someone like me who gives a lot of briefings. I will try to keep in mind that I must not be afraid of “pushing some more air through the pipes” when I need to. It makes my voice sound even better. However, I guess I am still a bit obessed of NOT sounding like a drill sergeant in front of soldiers. Not that I have ever sounded like that (I am in the Air Force remember 🙂 but still sometimes you get these images of what you don’t want.
Felt really really good when I drove back home.

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