Laser & barbecue

This week is a little bit crazy. I have three appointments to hospitals and on Wednesday I am participating in a seminar about transgender issues in the Swedish Parliament.

I had my last laser treatment in November and now it was time again. It is a bit hard to fit in since I don’t really feel comfortable at work when I have been at the treatment. I usually feel numb and a bit strange in my face. Another bad thing is that this treatment is the only thing that my hospital is not funding so I have spent considerable amount of money on this. Today I had on the anaesthesia cream for almost one and a half hour and it really made a difference. I almost did not feel a thing! I like this kind of laser since the method includes blowing cold air over my face while shooting the pulses. The other one that we used earlier did not had this feature and also had different kind of pulses that stung a lot more.

I had my beloved car at the auto shop today (a wiper lever and a sensor for the ABS need to be replaced) and unfortunately it was not as easy as I thought to fix it so they told me that they had to keep it for a while longer. However, I got to keep my rental car which is a rather cool blue and white Mini Cooper 2007. People seem to be looking at that much more than my silver Mini Copper S.

In the afternoon my beloved friend popped by to see the latest version of the documentary movie I am editing. It is taking more time than planned to put it together but some parts looks really good now. Suddenly her boyfriend called and suggested that because of the nice weather we just had to organize a small barbecue on her garden. So we did. The coal really objected to catch fire but finally we had a nice hot bed of glowing coal and we had spicy hot dogs in the dark. Really nice and a bit cool to have a barbecue in march, especially in Sweden. It was nice to see my friend and her boyfriend again and I got the chance to discuss my experience at the tapas bar last Thursday. Friends are great!

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