A radiating Friday topped off with lasagna and info modeling

I was working in Stockholm today and that is always nice since it opens up to do nice things after work. Today me and my best friend had decided to meet at one of the LGBT-places close to where we both live. It was wonderful to see her again and she provided more lotion for my soul which made me feel very good. So good that I later got an SMS where she told me it was nice to see me radiating like that. Feeling good and having someone close to you noticing it is even better someway…

Later in the evening I met together with a couple of other friends who made me a wonderful lasagna dinner while we where doing some “work” related to my engagement in the NGO RFSL. We are on our way to rolling out Alfresco and we had great discussions around the metadata model for our configuration. A tedious but necessary thing to do in order to make the most of our deployment.

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