Today I joined a delegation from RFSL that got a meeting with Sweden’s Minister for Health and Social Affairs Göran Hägglund. Last year a Swedish Government Official Report concering a reformed law concering the judicial aspects of sex change and issues related to intersexuality was finished. We have fought long to have this Report done since the existing law is outdated and desperately needs to be updated. Since RFSL is part of the referral process we had the chance to send a written document about our views of the consequences of the new law. Even if the new (proposed) law contains several improvements there are so many strange proposals in it that we insist that it can not be passed by the Parliament in its current form. One issue is that the new law essentially either forces intersexual infants to be treated during the first weeks or they are considered a transsexual and have to wait until they are 18 years old. Imagine the dispair of young intersexuals that tries to pass their early teenage years with the wrong body and judicial status. We also strongly objects to the proposed forced removal of the hormone producing sex organs.

Anyway we got this meeting to be able to explain this in person to the Minister. He met us together with four other people of his staff and we got almost an hour to explain our views. He seemed nice and listened carefully to what we said and seemed to both feel and understand the issues. However, he is the party leader of the most conservative party in Swedish politics so it is hard to know.

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