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A wonderful Sunday with a very nice woman

I had a wonderful Sunday afternoon with a very nice and interesting woman. We met and talked a lot during brunch at a nice Italian place, a walk in the city followed by tea and coffee in a cosy café. It was really interesting to meet a person that I have so much in common with. She even wrote on her blog that it was almost spooky who similar we were and I tend to agree. Everything from having flown a fighter jet, working in the IT-business and a love for high-heeled shoes 🙂 Even though there is a sort of belonging among minority groups in this case gay women there is always nice to find someone who share some of the feelings I have towards the group. We talked a lot about expectations on women, femininity and how we both relate to norms on both women in general and gay women in particular. I guess neither of us did really fit into the norm. We both like feminine clothes but love fast cars. We both enjoy the occasional luxurious dinner or hotel but still like adventures. And so on. One conclusion is that I should do this more often. It is so good for the mind to really talk to someone once in a while. Made feel feel good the rest of the day.

Sci-Fi weapons soon a reality?

To me one of the things that makes Sci-Fi shows so interesting is the feeling of being able to sneak-peak into a future where much more advanced technology is available to us. In Stargate SG-1 the story begins with when the team is confronted with a seemingly unbeatable enemy – the Gou’old. Later in the show they meet the even more powerful Asgaards appears which possess really advanced space ships and weapons. One of these impressive weapons from the Asgaards is the Rail Gun that one of the ships from Stargate Command gets outfitted with. So, I was really amazed when I read this article about, yes that is right, a rail gun being delivered to the US Navy. Now I am just waiting for space ships that are bigger than aircraft carriers that can travel many times that speed of light 🙂

The first Stargate SG-1 movie is available for pre-order

It was really a sad moment when I saw the last episode of Stargate SG-1 but now the first feature-length movie is on its way! It is called Stargate The Ark of Truth and it is available for pre-order here at the UK Amazon Site.

I am so looking forward to April 14 when it is released. The other day I caught my favourite actor Amanda Tapping on a short 15 min experimental movie and I realised again how talented she is an actor. There is also an audio interview with her available from her fan site.
Fortunately, I can also enjoy both the Stargate feeling and Amanda Tapping on Stargate Atlantis where she plays the expedition head.

Charlie Wilson's War

Last night I went to see this movie where Tom Hanks plays the US Congressmen Charlie Wilson who was crucial in getting support for the largest covert operation in US History. The operation was a reaction at the Soviet invasion of Afganistan in 1979. Bearing in mind that this was during the Cold War the US decided it wanted to support the Mujahedin resitance movement in Afghanistan to make it a Soviet version of Vietnam. By supplying advanced anti-aircraft and anti-armour weapons the resistance movement was able to inflict sizeable losses to the dreaded Soviet Mi-24 Hind attack helicopters.

It was a really good movie which also was really amuzing to watch, mainly thanks to the wonderful dialogues created by Aaron Sorking (creator of the West Wing show). Since this movie is based on real events it was really interesting to somewhat relive the 80-ies and the Cold War setting. Even though I was really young then I was for some reason very interested in what happened in the Soviet Union and I remember some of this. It is also very interesting to reflect on how difficult it is to fully understand the consequences of our actions since this support of the resistance movement have repurcussions even today. The Soviet Union left Afghanistan in 1988 which probably was a contributing factor of the demise of the union and after they left Afghanistan started a journey towards an extremist implementation of islam.

However, it is easy to shift the blame on the CIA. Bear in mind that the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan and what was supported was a liberation movement. If the Soviet Union have stayed in Afghanistan until the collapse of the Soviet Union a revival of extremist islam could have been risen three years later instead just as religion had a general revival in all parts of the former Soviet Union at that time. The only thing to learn from this is to invest time to not just win the war but also the peace and that it is really difficult to forsee all consquences of our actions.