Hard being a transsexual in Turkey

It seems really hard to be a transgendered in general and transsexual in particular here in Turkey. Last night our wonderful host told us about a gay club here in Ankara where transgendered people were not allowed. It was really surprised since I would have easier to understand if transgendered are not allowed in men or women-only clubs. That was the case in Sweden ten years ago but fortunately that has changed now. However, it turned out that the situation here in Turkey means that it is virtually impossible for transsexuals to get employed even if they have a university degree. Instead they are forced to work as sex workers. So this club just had a policy of not wanting sex workers to sell their services in the club and therefore denying them access. There is also a big problem of transgendered people being harrassed and beaten since some people think they have a right to kill them.

Read a little bit more about this transgendered organisation called Pink Life here in Ankara.

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