Last week I accepted an offer to go to Ankara in Turkey to attend a conference there. However, today I realised that I should check the recommendation for vaccines there. Hepatitus A and B seem to exist there and since I have so far only travelled to western Europe and the US I have never felt the need for that. I checked with the nurse at Sabbatsbergs sjukhus and she was very nice and told me they were open until 2000 on Thursdays. So I went there and got my vaccination. Some kind of combination treatment for both diseases. I need to take another shot in a months or so and the third and final one in about a year. I asked her about whether or not the shot would be seen on my regular blood tests for liver affection and she told me no. In fact having this vaccination could actually help to mitigate any liver affection that my rather strong medicines could cause. A good thing to do in many ways!

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