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Some Christmas…

Christmas Market

I just saw a story on the news about the ever-recurring CD collections of Christmas songs that appears every year this time. I started thinking about my own relationship towards Christmas traditions. What do I think of Christmas really? Well, let’s begin with what I am in reality doing. Not much, really. Usually spend December by winding down from intense work weeks and getting a cold. No decorating at home and definately no Christmas tree. I usually spend Christmas with my mother and brother and that is were the Christmas mood at least make a short visit. It is not that I have any issues with this, in fact it is often rather nice to be relaxed about Christmas. I mean who haven’t seen these families where a lot of energy goes into arguing in what order different families should be visited and then spending several hours in cars.

However, I think I actually have some kind of Christmas dream or rather “design” that I would like to follow someday. That involves actually decorating my own apartment, celebrating the first sunday in December with the first candle, going shopping on Christmas markets, actually celebrating St. Lucia and even going to a Christmas concert. I think I actually would like that. However, being sick each year in December does not help. I guess having a girlfriend would increase the odds of this somewhat, of course depending on her own attitudes towards Christmas.