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Speech therapy

Today was my first session of speech therapy (logoped på svenska). No matter how you put it – the voice is important for us. It is a significant part of how we are and we all relate to voices. Even though I think I do not have voice that is way too dark, it is still very much an issue for me. Maybe not so much in face-to-face meetings but I really don’t like using the phone sometimes. It is so hard when someone on the other end just assume you are not a woman. And sometimes it is not possible to do anything about it like in the morning…

Recently, I have been using a lot of audio-chat software as well and it is the same thing there, especially when talking to people I have never met before. It felt much better to text chat only in the beginning. Anyway, the aim of this therapy is to make me use my existing voice as good as possibly and also doing that in a way that does not harm it. So she made me do some excercises today where the aim was to make me aware of my breathing and how to properly use the stomach area when speaking. I imagine it is not that far away from taking singing lessons 🙂 I think I did rather good and it was interesting to find out (again) that I can take rather high tones and still being powerful. In the end we did another recording to profile my voice as a reference. Looking forward to the next time.